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Nuestra organización nace por un solicitud expresa del Dr. Bert Hellinger a la Dra. Olga Susana Otero, luego de un encuentro profesional en Caracas, Octubre de 2001.

Bert Hellinger, 09:57 a.m. 26/12/01, Greetings

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Dear Olga Susana Otero,

I am very touched by your e-mails and I deeply regret that I can answer them only today.
But you are in my heart.

I gladly agree that you create in Columbia a Bert Hellinger Institute on Family Constellations. 
You will have my full support for the activities which you plan. 
If you need any books in Spanish, let me please know. I will get them for you. 


By now the following books are available:

    • Felicidad Dual
    • Reconocer lo que es
    • Lograr el amor en la pareja
    • Órdenes del amor
    • Religión, psicoterapia, cura de almas.


I would like to present the Bert Hellinger institute on Family Constellations of Columbia in my website
Could you send me by e-mail the text that you should accompany it both in English and Spanish.

I wish you a happy New Year and please greet all the colleagues in Columbia.



Aval de Bert Hellinger